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Developing high-value products from agricultural waste streams and down-graded commodities

The Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development (RC APD) is a $11 million, four-year program funded by the South Australian State Government. The RC APD aims to tackle the problem of agricultural waste; extracting valuable products which otherwise would be turned into compost, landfill or animal feed. It supports industry and research collaboration in the identification and development of new value-added products from agricultural and horticultural waste streams for local benefit.

Some of the industry partners in these projects include South Australian producers Filsell’s Orchards, Raw Nation Wholefoods, Ashton Valley Fresh, JVJ Co, SA Mushrooms and Potatoes South Australia. It also involves Denmark’s Carlsberg Group and South Australia’s Coopers Brewing, along with American ingredients solutions company Ingredion. Visit https://www.rcapd.org.au for more information.