As the only recipient of PIRSA’s major grants program (round 4)our goal is to develop a range of nutrient-enriched, sophisticated and fun lifestyle-driven food products that support the social lifestyle experiences ageing South Australians (and beyond) desire using potato puree as the base ingredient.

Our collaborative partners are the University of Adelaide, TestKitchen SA Pty Ltd, Thomas Farms Kitchen Pty Ltd, Obela Fresh Dips & Spreads Pty Ltd (PepsiCo) and Joyce Gibson accredited practicing dietician.

The research builds on current trends for developing food and beverage products that enhance health and wellness, but focussing specifically on older people, supporting active and independent lifestyles to which this demographic aspires.

Easy to swallow sauces, gravies, dips and spreads, desserts, breakfast preparations, smoothies and frozen block formats in 70 to 100g serves that meet up to 10 per cent of the RDI for calories and macronutrients for older people are some of the products that could be developed.

The project, also funded by industry, has just commenced and will be completed in 2020.