Australia is only one of two countries in the world which can source potatoes seasonally due to its geographical diversity. This ensures a fresh supply of potatoes all year round without the need for long periods of storage. In Australia the spread of growing regions from Far North Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia means as one season ends in one region another begins elsewhere.

National Statistics (2018'19)

  • South Australia (38%) and Tasmania (24%) are the largest producers, followed by Victoria (21%)
  • Annual production value of $753m ($0.7b)
  • 1.38 million tonnes produced annually
  • 65% or 899,415 tonnes is in the processing sector
  • Wholesale value of production is $522m, $440m into retail and $81.4m into food service
  • In the top two highest commodity groups sold in value and volume
  • 20% of all vegetable production
  • 87% of household purchase potatoes, averaging 1.6kg per shop
  • Supply/capita is 18kg based on volume supplied
  • Fresh potatoes represent 30% of production
  • Seed production represents 5% of production